Contoh Complaint Letter

Posted on: August 16, 2011



1. Complaint letter


Dear Sirs


Our Order No. FT567


On 12 August I ordered 12 copies of Background Music by H. Lowery under my order number FT567.


On opening the parcel received this morning I found that it contained 12 copies of History of Music by the same author. I regret that I cannot keep these books as I have an adequate stock already. I am therefore returning the books by parcel post for immediate replacement, as I have several customers waiting for them.


Please credit my account with the invoiced value of the returned copes including reimbursement for the postage cost of £17.90.


Yours faithfully


Reimbursement: a refund of money (pengembalian uang




1. Complaint


Dear Sirs


We have recently received several complaints from customers about your fountain pens. The pens are clearly not giving satisfaction and in some cases we have had to refund the purchase price.


The pens are part of the batch of 500 supplied against our order number 8562 dated 28 March. This order was placed on the basis of a sample pen left by your representative. We have ourselves compared the performance of this sample with that of a number of the pens from this batch, and there is little doubt that many of them are faulty – some of them leak and others blot when writing.


The complaints we have received relate only to pens from the batch mentioned. Pens supplied before these have always been satisfactory.


We therefore wish to return the unsold balance, amounting to 377 pens. Please replace them with pens of the quality which our earlier dealings with you have led us to expect.


Please let us know what arrangements you wish us to make for the return of these unsuitable pens.


Yours faithfully





1. Surplus goods delivered


Dear Sirs


Thank you for your promptness in delivering the coffee we ordered on 30 July. However 160 bags were delivered this morning instead of 120 as stated on our order.


Our present needs are completely covered and we cannot make use of the 40 bags sent in excess of our order. These bags will therefore be held in our warehouse until we receive your instructions.


Yours faithfully



2. Shortage in delivery

Dear Sir/Madam


Our Order Number 861


We thank you for so promptly delivering the gas coke ordered on 20 March. Although we ordered 5 tonnes in 50-kg bags, only 80 bags were delivered. Your carrier was unable to explain the shortage and we have not received any explanation from you.


We still need the full quantity ordered, so please arrange to deliver the remaining 20 bags as soon as possible.


Yours faithfully




1. Customer’s complaint


Dear Sirs


On 15 September I bought one of your ‘Big Ben’ alarm clocks (mains operated) from Stansfield Jewelers in Leeds. Unfortunately I have been unable to get the alarm system to work and am very disappointed with my purchase.


The manager of Stansfield has advised me to return the clock to you for correction of the fault. This is enclosed.


Please arrange for the clock to be put in full working order and return it to me as soon as possible.


Yours faith





1. Complaint


Dear Sirs


Our Order Number R569


We ordered 160 compact discs on 3 January and they were delivered yesterday. We regret that 18 of them were badly scratched.


The package containing these goods appeared to be in perfect condition and we accepted and signed for it without question. It was on unpacking the compact discs the damage was discovered. We can only assume that this was due to careless handling at some stage prior to packing.


We are enclosing a list of the damaged goods and shall be glad if you will replace them. They have been kept aside in case you need them to support a claim on your suppliers for compensation.


Yours faithfully



Without question: without raising any objection (tanpa keberatan apapun


1. Complaint letter


Dear Sirs


The carpet supplied to our order number C395 of 3 July was delivered by your carrier this morning.


We noticed that one of the outer edges of the wrapping had been worn through, presumably as a result of friction in transit. When we took off the wrapping, it was not surprising to find that the carpet itself was soiled and slightly frayed at the edge.


This is the second in 3 weeks that we have had cause to write to you about the same matter. We find it hard to understand why precautions could not be taken to prevent a repetition of the earlier damage.


Although other carpets have been delivered in good condition, this second experience within such a short time suggests the need for special precautions against friction when carpets are packed onto your delivery vehicles. We hoe that you will bear this in mind in handling our future orders.


In views of the condition of the present carpet, we cannot offer it for sale at the normal price and propose to reduce our selling price by 10%. We suggest that you make us an allowance of 10% on the invoice cost. If you cannot do this, we shall have to return the carpet for replacement.


We hope to hear from you soon.


Yours faithfuly




1. Complaint letter


Dear Sirs


On 25 September we placed our order number RT56 for printed headed notepaper and invoice forms. You acknowledged the order on 30 September. As that is some 3 weeks ago and we have not yet received advice of delivery, we are wondering whether the order has since been overlooked.


Your representative promised an early delivery and this was an important factor in persuading us to place this order with you.


The delay in delivery is causing considerable inconvenience. We must ask you to complete the order immediately, otherwise we shall have no option but to cancel it and obtain the stationery elsewhere.


Yours faithfully


























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